About Us

It is our privilege to help our customers build the homes they’ve always dreamed of.
At Ms Warraich Associates, every project begins with a common goal of surpassing our client’s needs. We understand the divergent needs of our clients and strive to deliver services that not only exceed their expectations but add value to their lives, as well. Every day, we roll up our sleeves to create the places where they will gather with family and friends to make memories. Ms Warraich associates is driven by customer satisfaction and passion for our craft. Whether you are looking to build a site from scratch, major renovations or an addition, Ms Warraich Associates has got you covered for all your residential property needs. Ms Warraich Associates guarantee timeliness, maintaining quality standards throughout our entire process, and delivering a final product that we are proud to put our name behind.

25 Years

Step # 1 (First meeting with Our Client)

On a brief phone call an expert from MS Warraich Associates will schedule an on-site meeting with the home owner to discuss the scope of job keeping in view the following main aspects:

1- Construction & Execution Constraints
2- Interior design
3- Value Addition to the Asset (Real Estate)

Step # 2 (Design phase)

If the home owner has construction plans ready:
Ms Warraich Associates will start preparing the detailed proposal.

If plans are not ready with the Home owner.
- Architect and MS Warraich Associates’ Manager meet the client. Architect understands the scope of job and get the plans ready.

Till this time, client paying directly to the Architect and MS Warraich Associates’ Manager will invest his time at no cost just to value our customers.

Step # 3 (Proposal & Contract)

From there, the architect will provide detailed construction plans to the home owner and MS Warraich Associates will provide the detailed proposal along with Work & payment Schedule.

And then will discuss any questions and will be ready the sign the contract.

Step #4 (Permits & Finish Selections)

MS Warraich Associates Team will Apply for the permits and handle all town inspections. Also, will start the finish selection process so that the project will start right away after the getting the permit approval form the town.

Step #5 (Execution of Work at Site)

From there, our professional team follows a rigid schedule to complete the project on time, within budget, and all with outstanding craftsmanship. We make sure everything is up to code and passes inspection.
Lastly, our team at MS Warraich Associates takes pride in making sure a thorough cleanup is performed before closing the project. In this final stage, we embrace our client’s happiness as they admire the final outcome of the project.

Step #6 (Handing over with Warranties)

The homeowner will provide the detailed punch list at the completion time which will be addressed right away. And then all the warranties will be handed over to the home over to move in the house.